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MeTV and some New Blue Christmas Stockings

MeTV and some New Blue Christmas Stockings

When I sew, I like to have the TV on. More specifically I like to watch the MeTV channel when they run the old western/cowboy shows.  You know, shows like Bonanza, Gunsmoke and The Rifleman.  I find it interesting that not one of the Bonanza boys got married, well not for any length of time anyway and how is that Miss Kitty and Marshall Matt Dillon never declared their love for one another?  I know there was more than a friendship there.  I haven’t seen the episode where Lucas McCain marries Millie, but I googled it and rest assured, it does happen. Whew. 🙂

Something else that does happen in every episode, in every cowboy show, is that someone is always “fixin” to do something.  Fixin’ to go to town, fixin’ to go tradin ‘, fixin’ to meet the Marshall.  Fixin’ is not a phrase used in the Midwest very often/ever.

However, my cowboy shows are wearing off on me.  Samantha asked me what my plans were for the day and I told her I was fixin’ to list the new Christmas Stockings that Spencer and I had taken pictures of recently.  We both stopped, looked at each other and busted out laughing. I am at such an impressionable age, maybe a little more Dancing with the Stars would be a good idea. 🙂

So now I can check the blue ticking stripe Christmas stockings  off of my fixin’ to do list.


So when you are sewing, crafting, DIYing, do you watch TV or listen to the radio? Any chance you like to watch cowboy shows?  🙂



Who knew a set of rustic candle holders could be so exciting!

Who knew a set of rustic candle holders could be so exciting!

I shared with you in the recent past that I bought a drill press!  Well, I have been putting that drill press and miter saw to work again. And this time, I have to say that I have totally outdone myself.  How could that possibly have happened you wonder?  Hold on.

Our neighbor Jimmy works at the local tree farm.  His wife Nikki wanted some new pillows.  I needed some trees. So just like an old fashioned trading post, we traded some white birch trees for some red geometric patterned pillow covers.  Win-Win.

At the tree farm, they periodically thin sections of trees to encourage the best and strongest trees to thrive. These reduced trees are then recycled into mulch and used at the farm greenhouse. Jimmy rescued these trees so I could repurpose them into candle holders.  He dropped them off the other day.  He even cut off the twiggy branches that I don’t need. What a guy!

Each tree was between 2-3 inches in diameter. A few in the 3 1/2 to 4 inch range. My next step was to simply cut them into 2, 4 and 6 inch heights and set them aside to dry.

My drying time frame wasn’t exactly scientific.  I moved on to other projects and when those were completed, maybe two weeks?, I returned to the drill press to complete the candle holders.

Each birch holder has a spot drilled in big enough to insert a tea size candle. They fit snuggly down into the wood, and are replaceable.

Each and every candle holder is unique to the section of branch it came from.  No two sets are alike. They are not polished or disturbed in any way, giving them a true rustic appearance.

Fall decorating anyone?

Winter decorating?

I could go on and on….one simple set of candle holders and so many options.