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Spring Has Sprung On My Nailhead Sofa

Spring Has Sprung On My Nailhead Sofa

Spring has sprung!  Until it didn’t.  🙁

Remember the other day when I was all about the great 60 degree day we were having here in Minnesota?

Yea, it’s 2 degrees today.

We had two days of high winds out of the west, and with strong wind and temps in the upper 40’s, all of the ice melted off the lake.  There were actually swans swimming near our little beach and the sun was a true, warm, early, Spring sun.

Now there is a thin layer of ice by said beach.  But ironically, the swans still showed up to catch some breakfast.

By the way…don’t swans head south for the winter? That water has to be cold.

Anyway, I’ll google it. I am getting way off track on what I wanted to tell you.

Yesterday I spent the day with this little nugget.

She is the daughter of a friend of mine and her name is Piper. Her Mommy went back to work but her daycare provider isn’t available until the first of April.

My day to play with her is Thursday. Her Grandma and her Mommy’s cousin play with her the other days of the week.

Yesterday was my first Thursday with her and we had so much fun! Unfortunately for me, she took a looong nap, so I absorbed some major TLC cable channel viewing time.

There was an episode of Love It or List. It was the episode where the wife was a contractor. The couple bought a fixer upper, but she was so busy working on everyone else’s home, that she had a lot of projects yet to fix up in her own home.

And that got me thinking.

The recent bout of warm weather put me in the mood to “Springitize” my house. But then it got cold and I had a rush of Etsy orders for others that were “Springitizing” their homes.

So my house went on the back burner.

But today is a new day!

Today is the day, that I start with some fresh spring pillows.

I’ll give you a full room view after I complete the whole area, but for now here is a quick Winter to Spring before and after.


Let the Springitizing commence!



Little Of This And A Little Of That: Taxes, Spring and Magnolia Farms

Little Of This And A Little Of That: Taxes, Spring and Magnolia Farms

Welcome to today’s edition of: A little of this and a little of that.

I have handcuffed myself to the desk until I am finished with my 2016 taxes.

This time of year is so “financial” that I haven’t done anything “big” that is blog worthy.

But I do have some little things to share.

First, let’s turn my frown upside down and find a bright spot about doing taxes.


Oh wait, I got this.

This is my view as I sit upstairs in the loft hard at work.

And here is a picture of the lake. Melting snow and ice assures you that Spring is just around the corner.

It will still be another six weeks before the dock goes back into the water, but knowing that we are on the back end of winter makes me smile.

It’s not so bad being stuck in this spot.  🙂

In other news, I have been working on my photography and editing skills.

Not edited:


In fact, next week I am going down to the cities to spend the day with Spencer. We are grabbing our cameras and walking around shooting a kind of “He Sees/She Sees” contest.

Also while I am with Spencer we are going to update the blog by moving some things around, maybe add a current photo of myself and tweaking the layout.

Stay tuned for that.

One last “little” that I can finally share with you.

I am going to WACO!

Waco as in the city of Magnolia Farms! My parents will be on their way home to Wisconsin from southern Texas and they are going to meet me for two days of adventure! I can’t even imagine how I will act if I actually see Chip and Joanna.

I have to wait for 26 more days. Waiting, not my strong suit. 🙂