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Before And After 2016: Some Of My Favorites

Before And After 2016: Some Of My Favorites

Are you ready for Christmas? If you are like me, you are close to ready, but you still have those last-minute run around things that need to be finished.

So in the spirit of the giving, I would like to give you a short break from all of your last-minute running around and share four of my favorite before and afters.

Number one: An updated bedroom

Number two: Adding a wall of shiplap using wallpaper

Number three: Updating the staircase

Number four: The kitchen backsplash

Thanks for stopping by!


Before and After Photos 2016

Before and After Photos 2016

One of the first blogs I’ve ever read and look forward to reading every day is  Lindsey is the brilliant woman behind this blog of photos and from her own words, this is what her blog is all about.

What is this blog all about?  Better After is a great big compilation of the very best before and after projects out there in the webosphere.  It’s very simple.  Before and After.  No fifteen-paragraph tutorials to wade through, no endless scrolling through every nut, bolt and angle of the project, just a before and an after, and a link to find out more.  Ok, and a little bit of me adding my two cents. Can’t help myself.

I’ve noticed a trend in my own blog. The greatest response I get to any blog post is when I post the final reveal of a project.

So for the rest of this year, I am going to post only the before and after pictures from past projects and maybe throw in a couple of new before and afters in there for good measure.

Today is the before and after from one of my very first posts and probably the only human and best before and after post this blog will ever have.  😉

Remember Alyssa? My gracious, tiny boned, zero percent body fat, athletic friend Alyssa? Here is a photo of her 10 and a half months pregnant.

And here is the red-haired, spirited, loving baby Liam after.

More before and after photos coming your way on Saturday.


Reorganizing After The Haven Conference

Reorganizing After The Haven Conference

As you know, Wade and I got home from the Haven Conference a week ago Sunday night. On Monday morning we got some news from our sister-in-law Mara. She called to say that Rian was nearing the end of his journey here on Earth. Wade took off right away hoping and praying that he would get there to say goodbye one last time.

He arrived at a house filled with friends, relatives and co-workers telling stories and sharing the wonderful memories they had with Rian. Sharing this time with his brother and those that were there was good for Wade. Rian passed away late Tuesday afternoon. He was only 54 years old and will be remembered as a loving father, brother, son and friend.

The kids and I drove to Chicago on Friday to be with family and attend Rian’s memorial service on Saturday. It was a very touching service with a comforting sermon detailing Rian’s life.

RIP Rian. You are loved and will be missed.

Adjusting back to a routine has been difficult, but I’ve learned that whenever a transition occurs in my life it helps me to get organized.

Because there was so little time between the Haven Conference and the memorial service, I hadn’t had time to put away all of the freebies I collected. Cue reorganization.

There was obviously a lot to do, but where to put it? I’ve needed to clean up space in the garage for awhile now, and today was the day.

This included more work than I had initially planned. I unpacked boxes that had been sitting in the garage since move in day (mind you that was two years ago), I cut the remaining birch branches into candle holders and then vacuumed up the pounds of sawdust I had created. The final step was adding a shelf next to the workbench, where the branches had been, to make room for the Haven freebies.

You know how much I love a good before and after:


Even after a successful reorganization session, I needed a little DIY therapy. I started the deconstruction process on the settee and found a pleasant surprise. Underneath the arms of this piece I removed fabric to find a knotted bamboo. My plan had been to reupholster every piece of fabric on the settee, but now I’m thinking I might leave that bamboo for a bit of texture.

Stay tuned.


Kitchen Backsplash Reveal

Kitchen Backsplash Reveal

The kitchen backsplash reveal is here!!

This is going to be the shortest written blog ever. The pictures will speak for me.

So without further ado…..

But what is a reveal if you don’t remember where we started.

Here is a the beloved side by side before and after.

The picture of the left, Spencer took last fall. He chose to put the backsplash in focus where as my photo on the right has the chandelier and flowers in focus. A little bit of a different perspective, but you get the idea.

A before and after detail shot…

So what do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts.


Decorating The Bedroom By Shopping My House and Shop

Decorating The Bedroom By Shopping My House and Shop

Have you ever wanted to redecorate a room in your house but didn’t want to spend a lot of money? I did just that this week. The bedroom was decorated under $100 by shopping my house and the Old Lake George shop.

The starting point for the room was the bed. I have had a down comforter, bedskirt and shams sitting at the dry cleaners after purchasing them from an estate sale.  The 3 items were only $60, for a king size set.

I picked up the comforter set this week and as I was lying in bed that night redecorating the room, please tell me that that is how you fall asleep also, 🙂 , I remembered that I had the perfect curtain fabric.

Last winter when I visited my parents in Texas, one of my Mom’s quilter friends was in the process of downsizing her fabrics.

She had yards upon yards of two particular fabrics that she had intended to make a quilt from, but she changed her mind. My Mom acquired the fabric and used a little bit of it to back a quilt she was making but there was still a lot of fabric left.

I mean, a lot of leftover fabric.

Here are those fabrics all together on top of the comforter and some added sparkle for affect.

Everything is very neutral and goldish. They are tricky to photograph but you’ll get the picture.

No, literally I will show you pictures in a sec.

First lets look at the previous curtains.

Total side story: When I was sewing the curtains, I called my Dad about something. The conversation got around to him asking me what I was doing that day. I shared with him that I was making new curtains.

New curtains? Didn’t you just make curtains? was his response.

Yes Wade, Dad I did. But…never mind. 🙂

Where was I going with this? Oh, right.

After completing and hanging the NEW CURTAINS, (eye roll), I moved the pillows that I showed you yesterday on the loveseat to the bed. I thought they looked even better on the bed.

From the last time I shared these pictures, so many of you were interested in the pillows.

Here is the way to order them for your home.

Metallic silver floral, Striped button pillow, Floral pillow, Buffalo check neck pillow

And now some before and after photos:

The curtains…..

And one more close up….

Simple easy changes.



PS if you are interested in the Orb Chandelier Swag lights, you can find them here.