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Mistakes Happen

Mistakes Happen

I made a little mistake yesterday, but before we get into that let me tell you the story of what I did right!

Wade and I ran to Menards for a few different sanding materials. We bought four different grades of 3M sandpaper, a 60, a 80, a 100 and a 220 grit. Most of the time, 60 or 80 is a good grade of sandpaper to start with.

Note to self: Always sand with the grain of the wood, otherwise you could create an unnatural pattern.

For this project I started with the 60 grit sandpaper because the table had pretty deep scratches that needed to come out.

This easily removed the scratches and all of the stain. When sanding, you always start with the lowest numbered grade and move higher and higher. Before moving onto the next highest grade make sure to wipe the table off with a slightly damp rag to remove all the sawdust.

After the table was a smooth as a baby’s bottom, I applied the pre-stain.

A pre-stain is a wood conditioner that prevents blotches while staining.  After it had dried, I started staining.

Instead of your usual liquid stain I chose a gel stain for this table.

Why you may ask? Because I like to try new things. Simple as that.

I can’t really say that I loved one type of stain better than the other, but it was fun to try something new.

While the stain dried, I decided to freshen up the paint on the legs. Not because it was in terrible condition, but because it had yellowed a bit over time. Like all the other pieces I paint, I once again used Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint this time in the color Linen. Unlike my other pieces, I could tell this table had a thick layer of polyurethane on it.

Here’s where the big mistake comes in. I didn’t add a bonding agent to my paint before using it. This basically makes it a primer and a paint all in one. I have never used a bonding agent before merely because I haven’t needed a primer.

I should have known better this time.

Without the bonding agent, the new coat of paint bubbled, dried and flaked off.


So now you can guess what my project for tomorrow will be! I am going to have to sand the bubbled paint off, and repaint it using the bonding agent this time.

Saturday’s blog will show you how I (hopefully) learned from my mistake. I also have an exciting event coming up! I can’t wait to tell you about it!


Part II: Barn Wood Upcycle

Part II: Barn Wood Upcycle

Remember a few weeks ago when I tried to make an awesome clock with a not so awesome clock kit? (link) I was so excited about that barn wood upcycle project and truly was disappointed when it didn’t work out.

So I looked and looked for more inspiration to make this project really great. Every morning, Samantha and I Snapchat back and forth. She was studying for finals a week ago and snapped me this inspirational quote that was the background on her laptop.

If you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.

I’ve noticed that crafts with sayings and quotes on them are really popular right now, so I thought I could give it a shot myself.

It was relatively easy to write the quote on the barn wood where the clock had previously been. I used gold-metallic permanent Sharpie marker to write out the quote initially, then added a shadow effect with a black Sharpie.

Just like the finished product with the clock, I still didn’t like what I had done to this barn wood. In my personal opinion, it was too “crafty”.

I could not get my mind off of the idea of a clock made with this barn wood, so back to Part I.

When Wade and I were at the Haven Conference, we got a freebie product called Scotch Blue with Edge-Lock by 3M.

The packaging describes it as a “pre-taped painter’s plastic with dispenser”. I used it on the frame by taping the inside edge of the wood and letting the plastic part drape over the edge.

I wanted to cover up the Sharpie letters completely, so I used three light coats of Rustoleum’s “Universal Paint and Primer in One” spray paint called “Hammered Brown” letting each coat dry before applying the next. Here’s a look at the finished product.

Now all I needed was a good clock. Remember way back when I made a clock to put in my bathroom so I wouldn’t be late anymore? Well it didn’t really end up serving its purpose (read: I am still late all.the.time.) so I decided to use it for this project. All it took was a couple of nails centered within the frame and voila!

I think the third time was a charm for this barn wood project, but I have a few more on the way that I hope will only take a one-time charm!

This table and bench are from the estate sale that Sam and I went to after wedding dress shopping. I want to sand out the scratches, restain the tops and touch up the paint on the legs and apron.

From that same sale, I got this settee, which I plan to reupholster in a Farmhouse fabric.  

Finally, these square slate pieces I picked up from Rustic Revival Barnwood will make unique holiday signs.

Sam gave me the idea to share with you the ideas I had coming up after the Haven Conference because she felt that I had left her “hanging”. I hope she feels better now 😉


Sharing Stories

Sharing Stories

Last Saturday at Jack’s graduation party our previous neighbors came by to celebrate. During the several years we lived by them, we became good friends and shared a lot of stories about our lives and the lives of our extended families.

As we toured the house, Sherri shared her story that she had recently redone her own kitchen. This launched a whole conversation about my plans to redo our kitchen backsplash.  After showing her the tile sample I had decided upon, she asked me where I got it from. Cue Tile Shop spiel (you can read the whole spiel and about how much I love the store here).

Well unbeknownst to me, Sherri’s Mom works at The Tile Shop that I have been going to for years.

We chatted about how long her Mom had worked there and what her hours were and on and on. The small chit chat went on and on and with such a busy day, I forgot all about it.

Then out of the blue, Sherri texts me a couple of days later telling me that her Mom and all of the other employees at The Tile Shop had been called into a meeting. The reason for the meeting was to inform the employees that the store was closing for good. On June 19th. THIS June 19th, as in 8 days from now!


The first chance that I got I high-tailed it into the store to see if it was true. Not once did I think that Sherri wasn’t telling me the truth, but I needed to hear it for myself.

I spoke with the manager and yes, they were closing on the 19th.

Boo. ????

That very moment I ordered all of the tiles and supplies that Chub had said I would need. Thankfully, that was on Thursday, the final day they were ordering a delivery truck, which would arrive Monday.

I can still return any extra tiles or products that I need to, but after June 19th, I would have to drive over an hour to get the next closest store.

Boo again.

But wait, as always, there is a silver lining to my story.

Guess what store is going to replace The Tile Shop????


Now don’t get me wrong, I was devastated for a full 14 seconds when I found out that The Tile Shop is going away, but Hobby Lobby within 20 minutes of my house?!

I sincerely tried to hide my excitement for the sake of the employees that will have to make some life changes as they move onto another store or another company..…but a Hobby Lobby!?

I can’t even.

Have a great Saturday,


Sidenote: My pictures have nothing to do with my story, I realize that. But, I wanted to show you these picture frames that I have had for a little while and finally have them ready here if you would like to purchase one.

The story behind how I found the two gentlemen that make these frames is quite the story too.

Heard It Thru the Grapevine

Heard It Thru the Grapevine


Working from home is a wonderful thing. My commute to the studio is 17 steps. Oh wait, what’s that? You would like to see another picture of my staircase? If you insist.


I love being in my home and sewing and staging photo opps. I can, and do do this all day, every day.

But one particular day, Alyssa text me to tell me that she made some grapevine wreaths that she would like to put in my shop. She was willing to bring them over to the house, but I suggested that instead I could come to her house and see them.

It was a totally selfish request. I wanted to see her cutest-ever little boys that I love dearly, not to mention a chance to see her beautifully decorated home. There might be an Alyssa’s home tour on the blog in her future.


Alyssa is one of the decorator contributors in my shop with items such as this, and this and this.

After playing with the boys, it was time to get down to working and taking a look at her grapevine wreaths.

The day was overcast which made for some great pictures.

Alyssa and her family live on a 3.5 acre wooded property. They are surrounded by birch, oak and other varieties of trees along with beautiful gardens. Also tangled within all of those trees are miles of grapevines.

We took a 2 minute walk down the lane to where there was a nice section of vines.


Alyssa is a petite but incredibly strong young woman. Those vines were tough to untangle and yank from the ground, but she did it!


Since it was just the two of us doing this, I was so relieved that I needed to take the photos. Because… well, somebody had to photograph and somebody had to yank. : )

Side note: You may be wondering where the boys were while we were outside? Grandma Kelly and Grandpa John were visiting for a couple of days and were inside enjoying their grandsons. Earlier while I was snapping away taking pictures of this little ham, you can see Kelly and John in the background playing with big brother.

Seriously? Those are smiles of pure love and joy.

Back to the grapevines.

After we, and by we I mean Alyssa, collected several yards of vines; the next step was to wrap them. She started at one end of a vine and maneuvered them it into a circle. She does not use any wire or twine to hold everything together. The art of wrapping holds the grapevines shape.

We have been brain storming about all of the ways these wreaths can be used. These are only the tip of the iceberg.


Other uses can be table centerpieces, teacher gifts, garden décor, and even home décor.

I have listed Alyssa’s wreaths here. So put on your thinking cap or in this day in age, warm up your Pinterest finger.

Have a beautiful spring weekend,


A New Dr. Seuss Book

A New Dr. Seuss Book


Have you ever sat down to write a blog about a new product you were so excited to share and it turned out sounding like a Dr. Seuss book?

Consider this.

From the book Green Eggs and Ham, by Dr. Seuss.

I am Sam. Sam I am. I do not like green eggs and ham.

From the blog Old Lake George, by Wendy.

This is a basket. This is the liner. You can put stuff in it to display.

Same cadence, right?




It’s like when you hear a jingle on TV while eating breakfast and then find yourself humming it while trying to keep quiet in the library.

Nationwide is on your side.

Or a song from high school plays on your favorite 80’s classic radio station as you are driving to the fabric store.

At check out the clerk tells you,  That will be $86.75 please.

And you sing, 3-0-9.

Some things just get stuck in my brain. 🙂

So today I am going to embrace my inner Dr. Seuss and present to you the new liners I have made and my thoughts as to what they can be used for.

Oh the options you have! or as Dr. Seuss would say, Oh the places you’ll go!

This lined rustic metal egg crate is the called the Original.

I dove deep into my creative mind to come up with the name. That, plus it was the first liner I made. So, so deep.

The liner is a drop cloth with frayed rope ties. This is the strongest farmhouse feel and can be used in so many ways.

Storing wrapping paper, holding firewood, displaying rolled bath towels, organizing newspapers and magazines etc, etc.

All crates measure 15.5 tall and about 12 inches square. The patina on each crate is unique and rustic. No two crates are perfectly alike.

The Original can be found here.

Ready for a pop of color?

This one is called The Toy Basket and can be found here.

Here we have The Solar Flair. It can be found here.

Need more liner options? They can be found here.

Now go and sit in a sound proof room so you can get all of those jingles and Green Eggs and Ham stories out of your brain.

You’re welcome,


Something Old Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue

Something Old Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue

Something happened at our house this weekend. Another milestone of life was reached. The circle of life continued.

Without further ado, Wade and I are proud to announce that our daughter Samantha got engaged!

Her boyfriend of almost 5 years popped the question a week ago Sunday, but I was sworn to secrecy until she officially announced it.

And now the secret is out and I am in full wedding mode.

Justin and Sam have not set a wedding date, but that’s a minor detail. 🙂

Taking care of the “Something Old, Something New” segment of the saying, I had asked Justin if he would consider giving Sam the original diamond that Wade had given me over 25 years ago. He graciously said that he would love that.

Over the twenty-five years of our marriage, we have upgraded diamonds, but I never traded in the original diamond. I had it placed in a necklace. I told Sam that I would never give up that diamond.

Tricky me.

She was totally overwhelmed and thrilled by Justin’s proposal and it was fun knowing that he got to share the story of the diamond with her.

I realize this isn’t a wedding décor/design/apparel blog so I hope you will forgive me if wedding updates pop up every once in a while.  🙂


On Wednesday I will be showing the new inserts available for this rustic wire egg crate I have for sale.

I only have 4 baskets left, but I thought it would be interesting to offer different styles on liners.

Here is a sneak peek of what I am calling the toy box liner.

Thank you for letting me share our personal news.

I hope you’ll stop by on Wednesday.