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To paint or not to paint the subway tile wallpaper was a question I posed recently, and you responded!

Thank you to everyone that gave an opinion. I love hearing what you are thinking.

My Mom had a suggestion to paint a leftover piece of wallpaper to help visualize what it would look like.  (smart lady, right!?)

I used a very, very, minimal amount of paint on my roller and gently applied it. I liked the look, but also knew that I would have to use something besides the roller to reach the edges of the paper.

A brush or anything besides a roller would not give me the uniform look I wanted.

Most of you responded that you liked the unpainted paper better anyway, so, win-win.

And now the only thing left is to share with you the before and after pictures of our newly decorated guest bathroom.



You may have caught a glimpse of the toilet room from the pictures above and the fact that it is still red.

Wade loved the Tony Taupe color so much that he said he would paint the room!

Keeper. 🙂