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We have an appointment for our taxes in March. March seems like light years away so I should have plenty of time to get my taxes ready.

I will do almost anything to avoid pulling all of my tax information together. Almost anything. I would rather prepare my taxes then dust. That’s how much I dislike dusting. 🙂

So today, to avoid sitting down and pulling out all of those receipts and spreadsheets, I drove over to the other side of Lake George and took progress pictures of a cabin that our neighbors are renovating.

You can read the first installment about that here.

I honestly thought about walking across the lake with my camera, which as the crow flies would be a shorter distance, but then I realized I would have to walk back. One way or the other, the 15mph wind was going to be against me and today’s wind chill temp is 2 degrees.

Two cold for me!  (pun intended)

K&G, the owners of the cabin told Terry, their demo guy, that I would be stopping by periodically to photograph the progress on the renovations..

This is Terry standing by the front door looking through the kitchen at me. He was so “in the zone” of demo, that I had to ask him to stand still and smile.

Across from the front door, is the/was the bathroom.

The easiest way to describe what stays and what is being removed is, anything brown comes down. New drywall will replace the miles and miles of tongue and groove wood.

Moving from the bathroom, though the kitchen, to the back of the house is the big blue wall in the living area. It will also see some changes and not just repainting.

At the peak of the big blue wall, a small loft bedroom will be constructed.

Down below through the left door is the only other bedroom. The door on the right is the view into the kitchen.

So as of today, the cabin basically looks like a war zone. But things always get worse before they get better.


P.S. If you are one that likes before and afters or in this case, before and durings…here are some side by sides for you.


Big Blue Wall Room: