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I have mentioned several million times that my husband travels a lot. No surprise there. And when he travels, I love to get projects done that he might not be exactly 100% on board with.

Please tell me that some of you DIYers out there do the same thing? Anyone?

Plus, who wouldn’t enjoy a home decoration surprise every once in a while? I personally would love it if I came home from a business trip and someone moved my fireplace to the center of the wall in the living room or even if someone simply built me a wall unit in the bedroom.


He. Does. Not. Enjoy. Surprises.

He has this silly notion that we need to talk about ideas, communicate expectations and create a budget.

Blah, blah, blah.

So, honey, if you are reading this between phone calls and meetings, take a deep breath and just give yourself a chance to absorb the possibility that this could turn out amazing. And then accept the fact that it will be amazing if you absorb this or not.  😉

Ready? This is my next big project, our cherry sleigh bed. Surprise!!

We recently sold these four pieces of our bedroom furniture.

The pieces matched, but they did not come with the bed. So now that we only kept the bed, it needs to look like this.

BUT, I already started another big project so the bed project will not get started until the guest bathroom is done and of course we do the talk, communicate, budget blah, blah, blah, thing.  So, until then here is the progress report on the guest bathroom.

Exciting, right?

The wall only needs to be painted 1/3 of the way down because the rest will be wallpapered, so after a second coat of paint this will be done soon.

I am hoping to have this completed before Wade gets home because, like surprises, he does not enjoy the in-between stage of DIY either.

Love you Honey!