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So as it turns out, I have very limited “computer” related skills. (Don’t feel bad for me, I have skills in other areas. It’s all good.) For instance what should be a very simple thing, i.e. saving a digital download to your computer, frustrates me every time. But I am a problem solver by nature and have figured out to save everything onto my desktop.

I can find things there. They are literally staring me in the face.

One of the greatest things about writing a blog is meeting people who can teach you new things.

Techy things.

Enter Cindy.

Cindy has the greatest blog. You should check it out, B.O.R.N. House Living. She has also recently opened an Etsy shop, Born House Creative.

Born House Creative is a shop that sells digital downloads.

Can we just slide back up and look at that again. Did you notice that this download was $1.00?

Where on earth can you buy something this nice for $1.00?

Well, after purchasing the digital download, I realized that I had zero idea what I was going to do with it. (I am going to say “digital download” as many times as possible. It makes me feel so “techy”.)

So, I admitted my ignorance and asked for help. I contacted Cindy to ask if I could trace the digital download onto something else. She graciously replied this:

You absolutely CAN trace it onto something else…Let me break it down for ya:) If I were going to trace it, I would print it out, and then use the Art transfer paper. Can’t remember what it’s called, but it comes in either white or black. Put this down first, lay your image over top, and then begin to trace. I’m assuming you’re going to using paint afterwards to go over it? If not, let me know what your thoughts are so I can help.

If you are ever going to purchase an image to use as a transfer/iron-on, it’s always really nice if the designer gives you the print in a PNG file as well as anything else. You are able to do so much more with the print because when someone denotes it as a “PNG”, then the background should be transparent!

So, going from there, let me explain what you can do:

(1) Transfer method using Mod-Podge. You’ll want to use the reverse image when doing this, but this method also leaves the white background of the paper. So if you don’t want the full 8.5″x11″ on something, just trim it.

(2) Transfer method using Transfer Paper: If you have an ink jet printer, make sure your paper denotes that. You would print your image onto that paper, and then iron it on whatever you like WITHOUT the white background. Some people print this directly on their material!? Although I would never recommend doing that. You could also use citri-solve. I believe using that method works best on a nice smooth flat weave such as that tea towel material. If you Pinterest transfer methods, there’s a ton of information!

Now for the Cricut: A lot of people seem to think that they need SVG files for this thing. I know that there must be some kind of “hidden” reason, but I haven’t figured out why? LOL! All I do is upload the file, determine the size I want, and then figure out if I want to make it a iron-on transfer, or stencil. Note* Weeding a iron-on is slightly tedious, but produces beautiful results. Weeding a stencil with that much area is VERY tedious, down right stressful, makes ya wanna peel the skin off your face…LOL! HOWEVER!!!! It produces top-notch professional results, and looks silk-screened! NO JOKE!

Wow! Talk about going above and beyond in an answer!

Someday, I am going to try all of these options, but for today, I took my overwhelmed self and printed her digital download onto some antiqued cardstock I had in the cupboard.

From here I simply cut it to size and put it in one of my barn red frames.

First a barn red cabinet and now this frame, I’m on a roll.

So cute!


P.S. I used “digital download” seven times. Mastering the technology one word at a time.