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There’s nothing like a checklist to keep a person on track. I had nine Must-do’s on my list today. (Technically, a Must-do list is what you didn’t get done on your To-do list yesterday.)

This is how it looked:

  1. Make Etsy order: 12×72” table runner from blue ticking stripe
  2. Update inventory on Etsy for all stocked blue striped farmhouse table runners
  3. Go to the Library for a Lee Child book
  4. Go to the local hardware store for cheesecloth
  5. Mail Etsy order
  6. Watch YouTube video about how to use antiquing wax
  7. Finish Cabinet
  8. Take pictures of cabinet
  9. Blog about cabinet

Makes you wonder what my To-Do list looked like yesterday if these are now on my Must-Do list, right?

Well, I can tell you that I got eight of those nine things done. Probably not too difficult to figure out which one will be on tomorrow’s Still Must-Do list.

You guessed it. #7, finish the cabinet.

This is where I left you yesterday.

This is where we are now.

All of the cabinet is now painted, but only half of it is waxed. I took a close-up shot of the doors so you can see the subtle difference between waxed and non-waxed.

The left side is waxed, the right side is not.

I googled “ How to Use Antiquing Wax Miss Mustard Seed” and found this. I put “Miss Mustard Seed” in there because that is the brand I had.

The video is about six minutes long but well worth the time.

Marian uses a  large waxing brush on her furniture. I do not have a waxing brush, nor was it on my Must-Do list to purchase. But I have a new friend in the blogging world and she suggested that I use cheese cloth instead of a brush. (Thanks Cindy!)

The waxing step was very easy to do. As long as you work in smaller sections and go back over that section to wipe off any excess, antique waxing is foolproof. Using cheesecloth was not only a great suggestion, but a clean up time saver too!

Once the second half of the cabinet is dry, I will wax it also and call it complete. So here’s my Must-Do list for my next post:

  1. Finish waxing cabinet
  2. Style cabinet
  3. Share cabinet reveal!

Let’s hope this Must-Do list actually keeps me on track 🙂