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Today was a good day. I rate my days in terms of “things I need to do vs. things that got done.”

And today I checked off the removal of this mistake, which has been on the list for months.

The Merry Christmas saying was looking so festive until the season was over and it was time to move on. That is when I realized I had screwed up…big time. These jelly letters had left a stain on my wallpaper. (I hid most of it behind this wall art.)

Not happy.  🙁

I tried everything to get the stain off, and I even used some reader suggestions, but nothing worked.  From this point I considered removing the wallpaper, repainting the wall or even hammering up some actual shiplap.

And then the skies opened and the angels sang. I found the leftover roll of wallpaper that I didn’t even know I had kept!

So today, I used my fabric cutting edges and a utility knife to remove the stained section of wallpaper.

Then, using the same tools, I measured and cut the new piece of wallpaper and applied it to the wall.

If you look really close, it is not a perfect match. But if I don’t tell anyone, no one will know where to look. 🙂

I hope your day was also good and stain free.