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When I get excited about something, my words and my thoughts become total goobulldegook. All of these thoughts go flying through my head, and the excitement takes over any hope of being able to clearly verbalize them.

This happens on a daily basis.

Sometimes those thoughts when they finally do settle down are just that, goobulldegook. But sometimes, I get my poop in a group and pull off something like this.

You see, my Mom and Dad gave me a blue and cream tablecloth from Magnolia Market for Christmas. I jumped for joy!

A perfect Wendy gift.

And today it struck me, that I could make something similar that maybe other “Wendy’s” would enjoy.

So I did.

I have listed this grain sack/feed sack/farmhouse tan stripe table cloth in Etsy shop here.

And if you happened to miss it, I also have these runners:

These placemats:

And these coasters:

Currently I only have tan available, but plan to have the blue stripe listed by the weekend and a red stripe listed soon after that.

Thanks for letting me get that off of my chest. 🙂