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Not only did we tile the desk backsplash while Wade had some time off from work, but we also upgraded our bedroom closet.

By definition alone, upgrade as a verb means that you,

raise (something) to a higher standard, improve by adding or replacing components

And that is exactly what we did. There was nothing wrong with the bedroom closet . The organizational shelving was already in place when we purchased our house, but it needed to be “cuter”.

As long as I am being all Webster’s Dictionary today, I asked Siri if cuter was a word and it is not. But Wikipedia gave a definition so I am using it. 🙂

Moving on….

There isn’t a defined entrance to our closet. Technically I guess it would be called a walk-in, but you have to walk past the double vanity, the shower and the toilet room to finally reach it. There is no door, just a big open space.

This is the before picture of the cubbies in the closet that we upgraded.

Like I said, it looked fine, but it was always jumbled. To make it look more uniform and organized, I wanted new containers besides the awkward variety of clear plastic ones I had been using.

While Samantha and I took a quick trip to sunny Texas for the weekend to visit my parents, Wade shopped at Lowes, Target, Walmart and Menards for the perfect containers.

He didn’t find them and when he did find something he liked, there weren’t enough of them or they were a bit pricey.

Now, I know that I recently shared with you our new ottoman and how much I loved the At Home store, but I went to Ikea to look for containers this time. Besides, it was Tuesday and I was taking some friends to the airport anyway (which is about 3 miles away from Ikea) so why pass up the chance.

Total side note: If you have an Ikea in your area, go on a Tuesday between snowstorms. There is no one there! They only had two checkout lines open and it still only took me 5 minutes to purchase my things.


Okay, back to the point of this post. I found these perfectly sized, sturdy neutral baskets.

The smaller ones on the bottom shelves were $8.99 and the taller ones were $14.99. That catapults the closet into the cuter category for about $100.