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Thanks for checking in today to see the reveal of our backsplash tiling project.

As I said in part one, this project was a lot easier and more fun than doing the whole kitchen.

But let’s jump to the chase.

Here’s the before:


And here’s the after:

One thing I should explain is our reasoning for extending the tile beyond the cabinet and the desktop.

The logical thing to do was end the tile at the same place as the desk, or the cabinet above, and we thought about doing that. But the light switch on the left extended beyond both those borders, so that was really the only logical place to end the tiling. It would have looked really wonky to have half of the light switch plate sticking out from the tiling, don’t you think?

Then, to avoid an unfinished look, we added decorative edge tiles along the border.

Do you like the area tiled? Or would you have left the area alone?