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Happy New Year!

I was writing out some checks this morning and it felt weird writing 2017. Just like 365 days ago it felt weird to write 2016. And soon enough I will be saying the same thing about writing 2018.

Time flies, no one will debate that.

Over the New Year weekend, Wade and I took down and packed up our Christmas decorations. Being on a blogging time frame, most things happen weeks, sometimes months before a non-bloggers time frame. For instance, our fall decor is set up around late August, early September and within the first week of November, everything changes from a fall color scheme to a festive Christmas theme.

So, by the time holiday things slow down, we are ready to pack up the tree and wreaths and hang on to a winter vibe for the next three months.

It was fun to look back and see what our Christmas house looked like in 2015. My Mom helped me decorate that year. She has such a great eye for styling different areas of the house. Each area felt like it could tell a story.

The biggest change for our 2016 house was the tall Christmas tree. I made a trade with my  neighbor Becky, a chair I had painted and upholstered for a tree that she could no longer use in her new house. Win-win.

And now as we move into our winter theme, I have arranged the furniture a little closer to encourage conversation and togetherness. There will be a lot of togetherness since it will be too cold to go outside for very long. 🙂

Did you notice? Did you notice my amazing new ottoman? I love furniture. But let me tell you, I am giddy in love with this tufted ottoman.

Seriously, the neutral fabric, the nail head trim and the casters. Oh, the casters.

I found this beauty at the At Home store.

I was familiar with the At Home store already because every year when I visited my parents in Texas, we would spend hours walking up and down the isles there oogling at all of the various pieces. Sadly I never got to bring anything home that was bigger than my carry on.

But this past fall, At Home finally made it to Minnesota! If you haven’t been to an At Home store drive as fast as you can to the nearest one.

Actually, drive safely to the nearest store. We are under another snow storm watch.

Tis the season,