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This weekend has been a very productive weekend. We went to a 4th birthday party for our family friend Logan on Saturday. I wish I had half of the energy of a four-year old. πŸ™‚

The rest of the weekend was filled with completing orders from my Etsy shop. The hot items this year are these fabric growth charts.

It brings a smile to my face every time one of these sells and I realize that these charts will be used and enjoyed for years to come, displaying the growth of a family.

With so many orders to fill, I was happy to have completed my house decorating last week. I shared the entryway and the family room already, so let me show you the dining and kitchen area.

I whipped up a simple place setting and a simple centerpiece to match. This metal bucket is usually upstairs in my office holding scissors. I changed it up by wrapping a burlap ribbon with red writing, allowing it to be the base of my centerpiece. Outside, between our house and the neighbor’s house, are three large pine trees. I ran out in the rain and snipped off the end of a branch. Just enough that no one could tell the difference. From there I added some birch twigs I had leftover in the garage, and a couple of red berry sticks I found at an estate sale.

That same estate sale also produced these red berry sticks. I slipped them down into a glass cylinder filled with plastic diamond-shaped pieces and a few pinecones for good measure. Oh, and that wood merry sign leaning up against the cylinder? Another steal from Target in the dollar section.

The desk in the kitchen received the big clock I used to have on the mantel along with a thin wooden basket filled with some greens and beside that clock, Three Wise Men carefully watching over it all.

The last few touches in the kitchen were the hanging of Santa ornaments from the cupboard pulls and door knobs.

At first, I thought the ornaments might get in the way, but somehow they are all the right length and just dangle in cuteness.

Speaking of cuteness, did you notice that red soup pot I had on the stove?

Believe it or not, it wasn’t a prop. I actually made Beef Stroganoff soup earlier in the day and the pot looked so festive, I left it in the picture. πŸ™‚

That completes the Christmas house tour of 2016.

Now… back to that dresser,


P.S. Here’s the recipe for the Beef Stroganoff soup. It was amazing!