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Today’s before and after is brought to you by The Weather Station of Minnesota.

Not really. 🙂

I am currently sitting at our daughter and future son-in-laws house in North Dakota. It is FREEEZZZING here. Freezing is defined as a current temperature of 1 degree. That is also the current heat wave because the high tomorrow is -10.

The high people!

The high means that it will never get warmer than -10. Oh my goodness. The sad part about that is that we left our house in Minnesota early this morning to avoid a forecasted 6-10 inch snow storm. Six of One, half a dozen of the other.

So this question always comes up this time of year.

Why do we live here?

The answer is, we live here for the before:

And we dress up warm during the after:

Four months and counting to get back to that before. 🙂

I hope your weekend is warm,