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Have I ever shared with you how blogging and having a shop on Etsy are similar to living on a deserted island? (Granted I never lived on a deserted island, but I would guess that it might be lonely wondering if anyone else is even out there.)

My point is that so many times I blog and hold my breath that someone posts a comment so I know that people are actually out there reading it from the big ol blogging world.  And many of you do respond and I can release my breath and be thankful you care enough to take a second and share your thoughts.

The same is true of my Etsy shop. I have sold over 1700 orders in the past four years and I love it when a customer takes the time to send me a picture of how they decorated their home with something that started upstairs in my shop.

So for today’s continued before and after segment, I would like to show you some pictures that customers have sent me over the years, showcasing their homes with things they have purchased from my  OldLakeGeorge Etsy shop.

How fun it that?! To think that some simple coasters and pillows can bring so much joy!