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On the same day that Facebook showed me a 3-year-old picture of the snowfall in my front yard, Sam and I wore short sleeves in 73 degree weather during a full day of wedding planning.

Weird Minnesota weather, but I’ll take it.

Sam came home for the weekend because her wedding venue was hosting a Wedding Expo and she had her first wedding dress fitting. We went to the Wedding Expo first.  There are 4 caterers that work exclusively with the Plymouth Creek Center (where Sam is having her wedding), and all of them were at the expo.

Picking a caterer was a major to do on Sam’s list, so we chatted with each one of them.

Of course, we she had done her research ahead of time and knew what questions to ask. This made the process that much easier, and the obvious choice was RP Catering by Roasted Pear. She now has a tasting scheduled in the middle of December.

Another thing this bride-to-be can check off of her to-do list.

Across the hall in the Plymouth Room, where the reception will be held, there were all kinds of vendors set up.

(99% of my pictures are blurry.  An emotional, teary-eyed mother of the bride should never be the photographer. I apologize. Look past the blurry).

Everyone from licensed bakers, to florists, hotels and photographers were there. Again, Sam has a lot of the dirty work already done, so we didn’t need to stop at the photography booth, the DJ booth or a florist’s booth (ok we have a picture at the florist booth because we were too Minnesota nice to walk past them and their pretty flowers).

What stopped us in our tracks was a table of desserts.

Sam and Justin aren’t big cake lovers, so they were thinking more of a modern dessert bar instead. That was until we met Ashley from Silver Lily Sweetery. Her frosting was out of this world. I tried everything on her table.


Besides the several different kinds cookies she had two flavors of cupcakes. I tried both kinds…well actually I tried the vanilla cupcake, then only licked the frosting off the chocolate ones! Hehe

As helpful as the expo was, it was also a little overwhelming not to mention calorie filled, so we took some time to walk around the garden where the ceremony will be.

We were enjoying the warm and sunny weather so much that time slipped away from us and it was time to head to the wedding dress fitting. We didn’t know quite what to expect because the Wedding Shoppe, Inc. doesn’t do alterations. Turns out, the dress fitting was exactly that. A time to try on the dress and make sure it “fit” meaning the right size was ordered. Her dress was ordered in the right size, but will need a few minor alterations later.

Without further ado, here is the dress!

Just kidding. You didn’t really think we would show you did you? 🙂

On top of a productive weekend wedding-wise, we also got a lot done on the guest bedroom. I will share updates later this week!