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Being self-employed has a million perks. One of the best perks is establishing the dress code for Old Lake George. All three of my employees (me, myself and I),  🙂 must wear comfy sweatpants to “work” everyday. But this time of year I take wearing those sweatpants to a whole new level.

Our overnight low on Saturday was 29 degrees.

That is cold, especially when we don’t have the heat turned on yet. Wade and I had a lazy day all day Saturday and ended the evening by watching a Netflix movie in bed. When the movie ended,  I was too lazy to get up and put on my actual pajamas, so I ended up wearing a long sleeve t-shirt and my sweatpants to bed instead.

I was so snuggly and I slept like a rock.  So yesterday morning when I finally left our warm, cozy bed, I knew we needed the furnace turned on to cut the chill in the house. However, we do not have a furnace in the garage and I had lots of odds and ends to finish for the quickly approaching Market on Old Lake George sale!

Being the problem solver that I am, I drove into Costco and bought this Presto Heat Dish.

If you have a Costco in your area, you know this heater. It’s the one that Costco has so brilliantly placed right inside the door to instantly defrost you as you enter from the cold.

What’s that? You noticed something else in my cart? Funny story: That cheesy caramel popcorn jumped right into my cart. I was in shock and by the time I had realized what had happened, I was already in the parking lot.  🙂

There was no assembly required for the dish. Simply plug it in and get warmed up, which is exactly what I did.

And then it was time to get to work.

My neighbor texted me the other day to tell me that there was some paint on sale at Target. I honestly didn’t even know that Target sold paint. The paint is by Valspar and has a chalky finish. Chalky finish paint is not the same as chalkboard paint. This paint you cannot write on. I was good with that and liked the price so I bought it in Peppercorn (black).

I still had one more bench to paint for The Market. The first one I used Miss Mustard Seed paint in the color Trophy (gray).


I was going to use Miss Mustard Seed paint again, but decided to try something new. I figured that if I didn’t like it, I could always sand it off and use the MMS paint.

Having never used the Valspar brand before, I didn’t know what to expect. The directions read that you do not need to prime or sand prior to using their product.

So, I didn’t.

Within the first five minutes, I knew I loved this product. This paint was thicker than most, but goes on smoothly and dries without brush marks.

The other benefit was that it took very little paint to cover this bench. I have plenty left to paint everything Peppercorn, my new favorite color and paint. 🙂

Time to get my company dress code required sweatpants out of the dryer and get back to painting.  🙂

I hope your week is warm!