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There is the cutest little cabin across the lake from us, that came up for sale this summer. In fact, let me show you how directly across the lake it is.

I took this picture using my long lens while standing on our beach. See the big yellow house? To the left of that is the little blue cabin I am referring to. It was built in 1948, and is a total of 620 finished square feet on a 0.14 acre lot.

Last Wednesday night, I opened the Market on Old Lake George to my neighborhood only. I went around the whole lake and placed flyers in mailboxes with info about the sale. There was a two-fold reason for doing that. One was to let neighbors know why there was going to be more traffic than usual for the next couple of days, and the other was to meet some neighbors we had never met before.

My plan worked well because we did in fact meet a couple of new people. While chatting with a couple that stopped by, they shared that they were the ones who had purchased the little cabin across the lake.

You know I was all over that!

They kindly agreed to let me document the entire renovation process. So yesterday, I drove around the lake, not because I’m lazy but because it was raining, 🙂 to take some pictures of the property and the inside as it looks now.

I have the blueprint for the inside renovations of the house but first let me give you some references as to how the house is positioned on the property.

This is the street side of the house. Keep in mind the front door location. When you walk up the rickety cement steps it is directly to the left.

Now let me take you around the back of the house, which is the lake side of the house. From this picture the sliding glass door and the bay window are the two things that you will be able to reference in the blueprint.

Now here’s the blueprint:

The left side of the blueprint is the street side and the right side of the blueprint is the lake side.

Let’s get to the fun part. We walk in through the front door and the bathroom is basically right in front of you.

Then without moving but turning to your right, you see the doorway to the kitchen.

If you walk through the kitchen, directly ahead you will see the sliding glass doors.

In the next two pictures, I have my back to the sliding glass door to get a shot of the living space. That (temporary) bright blue wall highlights the kitchen doorway on the right and the door to the bedroom on the left side of the wall.

It is a small space, and looks even smaller because of the renovation process, but I know a lot of great things will be done with it. As more renovations happen I will be sharing them here. I am so excited to see everything come together.

What a great way to get to know our neighbors!