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I’m a little late to the party. Like three seasons late to the party. This week I found Fixer Upper on Netflix. I’ve watched the show before when we have had cable in hotels or at a friends’ or relatives’ houses. But to have episode after episode at my disposal? Game changer.

So needless to say, I have been binge watching and this is what I have learned:

People who DIY should not watch television shows or Netflix shows of people who DIY.

Why? Because they make it look so easy and fast! Fixer Upper is 44 minutes long without commercials. An entire house makeover done in 44 minutes?! It took me that long to decide what color to paint the guest bedroom 😉

But at least I can scratch that off my To Do  list.

I started with color options from Sherwin Williams and thought I had found the right one, but I couldn’t find a trim color that I liked. My next option was Home Depot and after a little digging and swatch collecting I found this:

Planetary Silver for the walls and Frost (a perfectly suited name for Minnesota) for the trim.

Here’s what the remainder of our guest room DIY list looks like:

Select wall and trim colors

Buy supplies

Prep walls

Sand trim

Paint trim

Paint walls

Paint closet doors

Paint back of bedroom door

Paint window cornice

Make curtains

Buy bedspread

Make a headboard

Rearrange furniture

Here are the before pictures taken from the four corners of the room:


This is going to be fun. I hope you enjoy the DIY journey along with us!

Happy Saturday,