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Prior to the Haven Conference, Wade and I had tiled our backsplash. You can read about our experience here. (I know this isn’t a super exciting way to start a blog, but hold on because this gets exciting!) After the backsplash project, Wade and I headed out to the Haven Conference in Atlanta. There we met Aspect Peel and Stick Tiles, a company that creates metal, glass and stone tiles. What is unique about their tiles is that they don’t require grout or mortar.

And believe me, that grouting process is not a fun one.

Anyone who attended the Haven Conference was sent a free deluxe sample kit, and I had been looking forward to receiving mine. When it came, I was pleasantly surprised to find a well-put together kit showcasing each type of tile they offered.

As happy as I was to receive the sample, I was disappointed that I didn’t have any more tiling projects in the works.

But I did know someone who did!

Back when we were completing our backsplash, Nikki had mentioned that she and Jimmy had been thinking about tiling their kitchen backsplash as well. So the other day, I brought over my sample kit to their house. I left it with them for a few days so they could dig through every option and play with different ideas.

Jimmy really liked the Brushed Stainless Metal Tile, and Nikki liked the Fresh Sage Glass Tile. Once I saw what they liked, I gently guided them towards the Iron Slate Stone Tile. Once they saw the Slate tile with their countertops, they knew that was the tile to go with.

The next step was to contact Aspect Tile.

Good Morning Jennifer,

Thank you so much for this great offer! I have received the sample box from your company and loved everything.

My husband and I recently tiled our kitchen backsplash. You can read the final series blog post here. That being said, I would love to help out our neighbors and tile their backsplash with your product.

Using Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook as well as our blog, I believe we can create a wealth of excitement for our two companies.

We have measured the area they need tiled and will need 35 square feet of the Iron Slate tile.

I look forward to working with you,


It was so easy to work with Jennifer. I told her what I needed and it was literally shipped out the same day!

Hi Wendy,

Great blog post and your backsplash looks great! That’s so cool you want to help your neighbors!

I will place the order for 35 square feet of Iron Slate today.

If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to ask.



Now that is great customer service.

I can’t wait to show you how to use Aspect Tiles and the process of tiling Nikki and Jimmy’s backsplash.