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Have you ever noticed a disclaimer statement at the top of a blog? It looks something like this:

Disclaimer – This post is sponsored by {brand X}. All opinions are 100% my own.

The term ‘sponsored’ is usually defined as “they paid me to check out their product”. What it doesn’t mean is that you have to love the product. You just have to give your honest opinion.

There is not a disclaimer on the top of this post because I was not compensated to check out Aspect Peel and Stick Tiles. Aspect did send me the product for free though. Thank you Aspect!

After finishing Nikki and Jimmy’s backsplash I have some honest opinions, 100% my own of course.

For comparisons sake, I had the advantage of comparing the peel and stick tiles in Nikki and Jimmy’s kitchen and the mortar and grout tiling procedure from our kitchen.


Three things stood out between these two projects: Time, money and clean-up.

Time Money Clean-up
Aspect Tiles Easy weekend project Average cost:

$12.99/sq ft

(no additional costs)

Mortar and Grout Long weekend project Average cost:

$18.99/sq ft

(additional costs*)


*additional costs include: trowels, wet saw, mortar, grout, sealer

Despite the obvious winner (based on the chart above), there was a minor drawback to the Peel-and-Stick tiles. The fact is, that the tiles are appropriately named. They are sticky, super sticky! So much so that once the sticky back of the tile touches the wall, it is very difficult to remove. For me this meant the placement of the tile had to be extremely accurate before it was pressed into place. On the positive side, you will never be worried about these tiles coming off.

So the question is, would I recommend Aspect Tiles?

I would highly recommend this product.

That being said, I would also recommend reading the directions thoroughly before beginning your project. Aspect Tiles has a great step-by-step tutorial on their website.

And now for the fun before and after pics!


What do you think? Peel and Stick or Grout and Mortar?