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The venue is reserved, the DJ has been selected and the catering menus are rolling in. Little by little we are chipping away at the details of planning a wedding.

Samantha is back home for a quick two-week break between semesters and we are checking off as many wedding to-do’s as we can before she drives back to start the fall semester.

Spencer, yes the photographer and social media genius behind my Etsy shop and this blog, gave Samantha and her fiancé Justin an engagement and wedding day photo shoot as a gift for their big day.

They met Spencer on Monday morning and walked around downtown Minneapolis shooting with different backgrounds, poses and wardrobe changes. There were so many beautiful pictures to choose from. I think this one sums up their story, “The Air Force Air Traffic Control Journeyman and the Delta Gamma College Graduate finally together after four years of long distance dating.”

The next big item on the list was wedding dress shopping. Samantha had been collecting photos of dresses she liked and we took those ideas to The Wedding Shoppe in St. Paul. We had a ten a.m. appointment with Cindy.

We met Cindy and headed upstairs to the wedding dress selection room.

Picture this (the upstairs): one big room with covered wedding dresses on one end and a stage surrounded by mirrors on the others. In front of the stage were little pedestals for the bride to stand on and clear acrylic chairs where guests of the bride could sit.

Samantha and Cindy reviewed the ideas that Sam had gathered and they got to work.

Dress #1 was so pretty. It was a little big so they clamped the back of it to help tailor it to her figure. I could tell right away that this was not “the one”. 

Dress #2 also pretty but……..

…..still not quite right.

Then she walked out with dress #3. There was another bride with her maid of honor and mother there trying dresses on at the same time. We collectively squealed when we saw Sam in this dress.  

The eyelash lace, the row of covered buttons down the back and the elegance of it all, this dress was a show stopper. This dress was made for a Royal Family wedding.

But for her, this dress was still not the one.

Sam had a vision in her head, so we tried on dress #4.

Since she was a little girl, Sam would do this little fist-clenching, shoulder-raised wiggle when she was happy and excited about something.

Dress #4 got the wiggle.

I can only give you a sneak peak of the dress. I don’t want to give away the wiggle wedding dress.


And if any of you are wondering, I cried. I made to dress #4, but I cried, we cried and we hugged.

So in between the DIY and my other types of posts, I will be updating you on wedding plans.


Wait, one more thing. After we bought Sam’s dress, we went across the street to an estate sale and I bought a farmhouse table with a bench and an antique settee.

The table needs to be sanded and stained and the settee needs to be reupholstered. They are going to make for some awesome before and after pictures.