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I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Samantha has recently started to help me write my blog.  In the early days of my blogging, I would write a draft and send it to her for editing. She helped me with my grammar, spelling and oh-so-common run on sentences. Now we Facetime about three times a week. During these Facetime sessions I lay out a general idea of what I want to write, show her the pictures I have taken and then the mother-daughter magic happens.

On Saturday when were writing our Sidenote Saturday post, it was getting to be a bit long. I wanted to end the blog with “If you want to know how to recover the seat of a chair, just Google it”.

Sam told me I couldn’t do that 🙁

So fine. Here we are writing the post for today and surprise surprise, it’s a tutorial on how to recover the seat of a chair!

This is super easy DIY and can update your furniture quickly and inexpensively. If you want to give it a try there are a few steps:

  1. Remove the old fabric from the seat cover, keeping its shape in tact.
  2. Using the old fabric as a pattern, pin the old fabric on top of the new fabric.
  3. Cut out the new fabric in the same shape as the old.
  4. Unpin the old fabric from the new, and center the new fabric on top of the seat cover.
  5. Flip the seat cover (along with the new fabric) over.
  6. Gently fold every side of the fabric over the edge of the seat to make sure it reaches past the edges.
  7. Place one staple in the middle of each side of the fabric once it is folded over to hold it in place
  8. Starting on one side, staple all the way from corner to corner (whichever corner you choose).
  9. There will be a little bit of fabric sticking out, so take that and fold it over the edge towards the center of the board and staple it.
  10. Pull the next side tight before you continue stapling along each edge towards the corner.
  11. Repeat this process (steps 8-10) around the whole chair seat until it is held firmly in place by the staples.

If you have any questions on this process, Google it 😉

I worked on sanding and restaining the farmhouse table this weekend. It turned out better than I thought it could. Details coming this week, not in tutorial form. 🙂