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Remember a few weeks ago when I tried to make an awesome clock with a not so awesome clock kit? (link) I was so excited about that barn wood upcycle project and truly was disappointed when it didn’t work out.

So I looked and looked for more inspiration to make this project really great. Every morning, Samantha and I Snapchat back and forth. She was studying for finals a week ago and snapped me this inspirational quote that was the background on her laptop.

If you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.

I’ve noticed that crafts with sayings and quotes on them are really popular right now, so I thought I could give it a shot myself.

It was relatively easy to write the quote on the barn wood where the clock had previously been. I used gold-metallic permanent Sharpie marker to write out the quote initially, then added a shadow effect with a black Sharpie.

Just like the finished product with the clock, I still didn’t like what I had done to this barn wood. In my personal opinion, it was too “crafty”.

I could not get my mind off of the idea of a clock made with this barn wood, so back to Part I.

When Wade and I were at the Haven Conference, we got a freebie product called Scotch Blue with Edge-Lock by 3M.

The packaging describes it as a “pre-taped painter’s plastic with dispenser”. I used it on the frame by taping the inside edge of the wood and letting the plastic part drape over the edge.

I wanted to cover up the Sharpie letters completely, so I used three light coats of Rustoleum’s “Universal Paint and Primer in One” spray paint called “Hammered Brown” letting each coat dry before applying the next. Here’s a look at the finished product.

Now all I needed was a good clock. Remember way back when I made a clock to put in my bathroom so I wouldn’t be late anymore? Well it didn’t really end up serving its purpose (read: I am still late all.the.time.) so I decided to use it for this project. All it took was a couple of nails centered within the frame and voila!

I think the third time was a charm for this barn wood project, but I have a few more on the way that I hope will only take a one-time charm!

This table and bench are from the estate sale that Sam and I went to after wedding dress shopping. I want to sand out the scratches, restain the tops and touch up the paint on the legs and apron.

From that same sale, I got this settee, which I plan to reupholster in a Farmhouse fabric.  

Finally, these square slate pieces I picked up from Rustic Revival Barnwood will make unique holiday signs.

Sam gave me the idea to share with you the ideas I had coming up after the Haven Conference because she felt that I had left her “hanging”. I hope she feels better now 😉