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My barn wood project started out with so much promise.

My new favorite shop, Rustic Barnwood Revival fills me with so many ideas that I could go crazy, buy all of the wood and then have enough to reside a barn!  Pretty sure that is not the point of purchasing old barn wood though. Last time I went, I limited myself to four or five long gray boards, an old window frame and some slate.

Starting with the old window frame, I sanded off all of the chippy pieces, but didn’t sand off all of the paint. I wanted it to remain rustic. The gray boards were placed horizontally across the back of the frame and then marked on the edges where they would need to be trimmed off.

I can’t take pictures of me using my chop saw to cut these, because, well safety first.  It took two seconds to cut them off, and then I had to attached them to the frame. I placed them on the back of the frame and tacked a nail at the edge of each board.

Doesn’t this look great! I love how it turned out. I finished by painting one layer of Miss Mustard Seed Tough Coat on to hold all of the chippiness together.

I had purchased a clock kit at Hobby Lobby and from here I decided to turn this 22×22 inch piece of barn wood art into a clock.

The directions were excellent and it came with a tape measure so you could square up all of the numbers in reference to the center piece, the part that has the hands. The numbers and the center piece had super sticky backs. All I did was remove that paper and press the numbers into place.

What do you think?

Yes? No?

Let me tell you what I think. NO, no and no.

First of all, I couldn’t get the clock to work. I could hear it tick and the second hand wanted to move, but it never did. I tinkered with it but never did get it to work. I decided I would put the clock up anyway and pretend that it was amazing and wonderful never letting on that this clock was only right twice a day.  🙂

As Wade was helping me put the clock up, the so called super sticky back of the center piece became not-so-sticky and the center went crashing to the floor.

AHHHHHH! So frustrating. I was over it. I reattached the center, took some quick pictures so you could imagine how wonderful this would have looked on my wall and then had Wade take it down.

All of the numbers have been removed, the center pulled off again and I was back to a blank slate.

I am taking this $27.99 wall clock kit back to Hobby Lobby in pieces. I hope they have a great exchange policy.

Good thing I have another idea for this framed art piece.

Happy First Day of August,