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Before I share with you the progress we have made with the backsplash tile, I wanted to show you a picture of the “grooves” on the trowel. I referenced these grooves in the previous post, but I forgot to take a picture to share with you.

Using the grooved trowel in both a vertical and horizontal pattern leaves the right amount of mortar on the wall for the type of tile we chose. There are several sizes of grooved trowels. So again, please double check with a sales person when purchasing your tiling supplies.

Anyway let’s continue….this is where we left off on Sunday night.

Since all of our supplies were not put away, the final section of backsplash only took us about an hour and a half. While Wade was at the office I laid out, pre-measured and cut the remaining tiles to finish the last section of backsplash.

Once Wade got home we quickly mixed the mortar (practice makes perfect) and continued the process of applying mortar to the wall, making the grooves, firmly pressing the tile sheet over the mortar and wiping of any excess.

Here is what progress looks like:

The remainder of the week will be spent tiling the small detail pieces. I then will be sealing, grouting and re-sealing everything and taking photos to share with you!

This project (so far) has been so fun and rewarding. I can’t wait to show you the finished product.

But for now, back to work.