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After a very humid week, we finally had a break in heat and humidity yesterday. It was a top 100 day, upper 70’s with low humidity. That meant that the air was turned off, the windows were opened and the garage doors came up as I spent the day playing at my workbench.

Today is going to be just as amazing so you know what that means? This will be a quick post to catch you up on a couple of things that I want to share and then I will be off to enjoy the day.

Let’s start with the picture that Becky sent me showing how she styled the dresser in her entry way.

I love the personal touches she added. She shared with me that she was going to add one more basket on the top slatted shelf but won’t be putting any baskets on the second shelf as she had planned. Her daughters are loving putting their shoes in their new special spots!  Too cute.

Great Job Becky!

On Wednesday I revisited my new favorite store, Rustic Revival Barnwood. If you live within 100 miles of this store, GO!!  Anything and everything you need to complete that barn wood project is here.

I bought five gray barn boards, an old window frame and two pieces of slate.

Hold on tight as I show you next week what I made out of these items.

What’s that? You don’t want to wait??

Here’s a sneak peek. 🙂

I have to go…the day is calling. Have a great Saturday,