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The best part about entertaining at our house is that it motivates me to get a lot of little projects done in a short amount of time.

Having Jack’s high school graduation party last weekend was the push I needed to get the wine cabinet updated and also rearrange the TV wall of our bedroom.

Many of the 70 plus guests we invited had not been to this house so a lot of house tours were given.

Thank you to all of our guests for the wonderful compliments about my decorating.  Many of you suggested that I blog about how I “know” how to decorate.

I love suggestions to blog about, so here it goes.

First and foremost, I do not have a degree in interior design.  In fact, I have never taken an interior design class.

So what’s my secret? How do I “know” how to decorate?

The answer is that I select things that I like. It’s really that simple.

Let me show you.

This is the view of our bedroom, looking from the footboard of the bed towards the headboard.

Turning around in that same spot, the wall started out like this.

I would love to get rid of the big dresser, but Wade does not want to get rid of it. So for now it will remain.  And besides, where would I put all of my cute workout clothes that are collecting dust because my workout routine is suffering.  🙂

The first item I added was the clock I had upstairs where the large cupboard is now.

I don’t remember where I bought this clock, maybe World Market? I have had it for several years and it has been above our fireplace in our living room and on the wall of our dining nook of our previous house.  In this house it has found a place in the upstairs loft area and now a new spot in our bedroom.

Placing this large of a piece on the right side of the wall meant I needed some strength on the left side.

I had this blanket ladder in the family room and now it works well to balance the wall.

There was still something missing.

There was too much room above the television. The blank space didn’t need a lot, just a piece that pulled the two sides together.

Thoughout our home I have several iron/metal/ industrial pieces.

In my mind I needed a squiggly metal décor piece that would draw your eye from the left to the right, making everything cohesive.

Enter a sale at Kirkland’s. Metal squiggly $14.99!

Adding some metal candle sticks to the dresser to soften the obvious large electronic device completes the wall.

To summarize the steps I take to decorate:

1)      Buy or invest in pieces you love.

2)      If you are on a budget, buy pieces that can be used in multiple areas of your home but be careful with trendy expensive items. You don’t want to be stuck with an expensive item that will be dated in 6 months or so.

3)      Decorating with your favorite color is a good idea, but use the color as your accent, not over using it in the entire room.

4)       Add various heights of items but have them balance from left to right.

5)      Have fun! If you love it, that is all that matters. It’s your house and your personality shining through.

What do you think? Better?

Have a great Wednesday,