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My blogiversary is coming up soon. Make that my one year blogiversary. With almost 175 blog posts within this first year, I can confidently say that the best part about blogging is the people I have met, both virtually and in person.

Most of the people I “meet” do not live anywhere near me.

So the other day when I received an email thru Etsy from Sondra asking me if I was interested in selling some items for her new store in MINNESOTA, I jumped at the chance.

Meet Sondra everyone.

Her new shop isn’t exactly in my backyard, but an easy hour and 45 minute drive later, I met her in Arlington, Minnesota.

Here’s where the story gets interesting and defines the phrase, Small World.

As we were getting acquainted, Sondra was showing me around her shop and I was snapping pictures of the items she has created.

In the background, of which I didn’t take a picture, was her father-in-law Mark.

She introduced me to him and I asked him if he lived around here also.

No he did not. He was actually from Jackson, Minnesota.

No. Way.

My parents grew up in the Jackson/Lakefield area and my cousin, aunt and uncle still live there.

Did he happen to know my cousin Mark, Aunt Soneva and Uncle Verlin?

Of course he did. In fact, he knew them so well, and for so long that he asked me if my cousin Mark still had his ‘Cuda  (Barracuda) in storage because he has been trying for years to buy that old car from him.

I told him that as far as I knew he did and that I would put a bug in his ear that you were still interested.

So, Mark…call Mark.  🙂

I could’ve stood there all day chatting with the two of them, but they had a shop to get ready for a July 8th opening.

I hope to deliver any products Sondra will order so I can take more pictures of the shop. Seeing all of these pieces styled will be nothing short of amazing.  If her shop is half as wonderful as her personality, this will be a place to make a special trip to.

Happy Saturday everyone. Here is the link to Sondra’s blog.


Sidenote: I have all of my tiles and supplies purchased and they are patiently waiting in the garage for me to get started on the kitchen backsplash!