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Last Saturday at Jack’s graduation party our previous neighbors came by to celebrate. During the several years we lived by them, we became good friends and shared a lot of stories about our lives and the lives of our extended families.

As we toured the house, Sherri shared her story that she had recently redone her own kitchen. This launched a whole conversation about my plans to redo our kitchen backsplash.  After showing her the tile sample I had decided upon, she asked me where I got it from. Cue Tile Shop spiel (you can read the whole spiel and about how much I love the store here).

Well unbeknownst to me, Sherri’s Mom works at The Tile Shop that I have been going to for years.

We chatted about how long her Mom had worked there and what her hours were and on and on. The small chit chat went on and on and with such a busy day, I forgot all about it.

Then out of the blue, Sherri texts me a couple of days later telling me that her Mom and all of the other employees at The Tile Shop had been called into a meeting. The reason for the meeting was to inform the employees that the store was closing for good. On June 19th. THIS June 19th, as in 8 days from now!


The first chance that I got I high-tailed it into the store to see if it was true. Not once did I think that Sherri wasn’t telling me the truth, but I needed to hear it for myself.

I spoke with the manager and yes, they were closing on the 19th.

Boo. ????

That very moment I ordered all of the tiles and supplies that Chub had said I would need. Thankfully, that was on Thursday, the final day they were ordering a delivery truck, which would arrive Monday.

I can still return any extra tiles or products that I need to, but after June 19th, I would have to drive over an hour to get the next closest store.

Boo again.

But wait, as always, there is a silver lining to my story.

Guess what store is going to replace The Tile Shop????


Now don’t get me wrong, I was devastated for a full 14 seconds when I found out that The Tile Shop is going away, but Hobby Lobby within 20 minutes of my house?!

I sincerely tried to hide my excitement for the sake of the employees that will have to make some life changes as they move onto another store or another company..…but a Hobby Lobby!?

I can’t even.

Have a great Saturday,


Sidenote: My pictures have nothing to do with my story, I realize that. But, I wanted to show you these picture frames that I have had for a little while and finally have them ready here if you would like to purchase one.

The story behind how I found the two gentlemen that make these frames is quite the story too.