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Something happened at our house this weekend. Another milestone of life was reached. The circle of life continued.

Without further ado, Wade and I are proud to announce that our daughter Samantha got engaged!

Her boyfriend of almost 5 years popped the question a week ago Sunday, but I was sworn to secrecy until she officially announced it.

And now the secret is out and I am in full wedding mode.

Justin and Sam have not set a wedding date, but that’s a minor detail. 🙂

Taking care of the “Something Old, Something New” segment of the saying, I had asked Justin if he would consider giving Sam the original diamond that Wade had given me over 25 years ago. He graciously said that he would love that.

Over the twenty-five years of our marriage, we have upgraded diamonds, but I never traded in the original diamond. I had it placed in a necklace. I told Sam that I would never give up that diamond.

Tricky me.

She was totally overwhelmed and thrilled by Justin’s proposal and it was fun knowing that he got to share the story of the diamond with her.

I realize this isn’t a wedding décor/design/apparel blog so I hope you will forgive me if wedding updates pop up every once in a while.  🙂


On Wednesday I will be showing the new inserts available for this rustic wire egg crate I have for sale.

I only have 4 baskets left, but I thought it would be interesting to offer different styles on liners.

Here is a sneak peek of what I am calling the toy box liner.

Thank you for letting me share our personal news.

I hope you’ll stop by on Wednesday.