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Sometimes I forget about the details. I see only the big picture, knowing the details will fall in place.

Backwards? Probably.

Let me give you a recent example.

On Monday’s post,  I shared with you this new tall pine cupboard that I purchased.

I talked about how I had found it at an estate sale that I almost didn’t go to, how it was packed with dishes and how I was going to make it into my little store within a store.

Then I started to really look at the piece and I realized why my sub-conscious wouldn’t let me stop thinking about it.

The details.

For starters, there isn’t one square corner on this piece. This is the lower right corner. It isn’t flush, it isn’t square, it isn’t perfect.

On top of all of that, the cupboard is made out of several different types of wood. Pine, Oak, Birch and odds and ends here and there.

There are random nail holes that use to hold something else and there are random holes that use to…. I don’t really know what their purpose would have been.

And if only the hardware could speak. The story would be 10 voices speaking at once telling where they came from and what they were in a previous life before they became part of this cupboard.

I could write an entire post about that big knob latch.  🙂

Moving down to the hinges near the bottom of the cupboard, it looks like they are attached to what I believe was an actual kitchen cupboard door now held in place by a beautiful vintage latch.

So now you are asking yourself, I wonder what it looks like behind that door?

Feast your eyes on this.

I mean really, how cute is that little hidden storage area.

When I was styling this area, I choose this child size sherpa lined blanket, a bright red pillow and a warm and cozy neck roll. Feeling as though these 3 items might be tucked away and only used when a child was in our home, I added a wooden toy to the mix.

I hesitated using the word vintage when describing the toy.

You see that wood duck pull string toy was mine when I was little. The plastic beaks may or may not have been pulled out by me. 🙂

And now instead of quacking, the entire family looks as though they are surprised to see you every time you open the cupboard.

Have a surprisingly good day,