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Two years ago when we bought our home, one of the reasons we fell in love with it is because it was finished. We didn’t need to do anything, it was move in ready.

If you have been following this blog for any length of time, you realize from that statement that the joke was on us. Or more on me since Wade hasn’t really been fully on board about the couple of changes I have made.

I prefer to call them tweaks. Technically, I haven’t torn down any walls or ceilings. There have been no demo days. And before you say it, ripping carpet off of stairs doesn’t count.

Okay, have I justified all of my tweaks?

Let’s move on.  🙂

Another thing we loved about our home was the property. Yes, we live on a lake and it is amazing and wonderful. We pinch ourselves everyday that we are fortunate to live here.

But we were so happy to find a home that didn’t have a lot of landscaping. You see, we are not big garden people. That is not to say that we don’t love to look at others flower beds and vegetable gardens.

Low maintenance is our thing.

Low maintenance is defined as trimming and mowing the lawn in less than an hour and turning the sprinklers on.

A couple of months ago we visited the Home and Garden Show to talk with different companies about creating an outdoor living space.

We haven’t settled on a design or company but we have made a little bit of progress.

This is the back of that house that faces the lake.

This is a drawing by one of the companies we met at the Home and Garden Show.

The living space on the left is where the hot tub is now. In front of the outdoor couch is where the fireplace would be built. To the right of the living space is where the hot tub would be re-located.

In the upper left hand corner of the drawing is a view of a potential fireplace. In living color we are leaning towards something like these.

Over the hot tub would be a pergola. Maybe something along these lines.

Now lets chat again about landscaping. I took a picture of the side of the house yesterday.

There are no plants here because we have not planted any.  The opposite side of the house is similar with a few hostas evenly spaced.

The amount of landscaping in the drawing we do not consider low maintenance.  It is very pretty, but something we will need to think about.

Thinking, creating and planning this outdoor space will be so fun!

I’ll keep you posted.