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This will come as a shock to no one that has been reading this blog for any period of time…..we went to an estate sale this weekend.

I know. Shocking, right?

I subscribe to  It isn’t a Minnesota thing. It is a national listing of estate sales. Of course I narrow the search to only include listings in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro. You can set your search for the area that you live in. There are also national sales listed and oh how I wish I could go to some of those sales.

We started the day with the intentions of only going to this one particular sale. The house looked amazing and they had a couple of things that caught my eye. On top of that, Nikki our neighbor came with us and I wanted to take her to a sale that looked like it had a lot of great items.

The house was beautiful, but the sale itself was disappointing. Everything was way overpriced.

Fortunately there was one more listing in the area that I had not considered going to see. The sale had a lot of dolls and bears and dishes for sale. But, the sale was only nine miles away from our first stop. Since we had already driven 45 miles, what was another nine measly miles.

It was day two of the sale which typically means discounts off the original prices.

And at this sale, I found this.

It was packed with dishes. Tons of dishes and the old glass doors were wide open. Open so everyone could see all of the dishes. I don’t think anyone knew the tall pine cupboard was for sale.

I couldn’t believe my luck. And it was 20% off day!

But that’s where my luck ran out.

We didn’t have a way to get it home.

So we went back home empty handed. Empty handed except for the squeaky cheese we bought at a creamy. But that is a story for another day.  🙂

I couldn’t stop thinking about that cupboard.

I imagined it at the top of my stairs. Big and strong and displaying all of my pretty for sale things.

I imagined moving things around as they sold and creating new ways to showcase them. The ideas were endless.

So that next morning I convinced Wade that we NEEDED to journey south one more time.

My good fortune had returned. The cupboard was still available, but it was no longer 20% off, it was 40% off!

Happy danced all over that estate!

My own little store within a store.

Happy Dance Monday to you!


P.S. the jars you see with the scissors from above? They make a great Mothers Day gift. The jar holds twine for your Mom’s garden or ribbon for gift wrapping. Or if you send fresh flowers for Mothers Day, the jar has a grid to help display a bouquet. And for extra bonus points: the cute scissors come with the jar.  🙂