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Irony by definition is:

the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect

So here’s a little irony that came into my life several months ago.

Marisa Hawk sent an email to me asking if I would like to partner with He Shed She Shed on the FYI channel.

Screenshot (4)

He Shed She Shed follows two shed owners who with the help of the hosts Luke Barr and Sarah Ferrel engage in the ultimate male vs. female backyard shed showdown.

Typically I delete random emails like this because they are spam. But for whatever reason I took a chance that this one was legitimate and replied to the email.

Marisa had selected several different burlap pillow covers from my Etsy shop. She liked this one, this one, and this one.

They were to be placed on the couch in the shed for a show participant in Texas that was a coffee and music lover.

Sounded great! How fun to see my little creations showcased on cable.

I made the covers and sent them. Marisa confirmed that she received the covers and they were exactly what they were looking for.

But then, crickets.

I had completely forgotten about the email. Until they contacted me informing me that the show was airing on April 9th.

A complete media kit and legal mumbo jumbo was emailed and I giggled to myself as I was trying to read it all. If they only knew that I was sitting in my jammies, drinking my morning Mt. Dew and then screaming at the top of my lungs in joy! Hollywood had finally come calling!

After giving myself a 15 second blown way out of proportion dose of ego party, I came back to reality. 🙂

If you didn’t get a chance to enjoy my pillows the show last night, here are the photos I received in the media kit.

A fun space, right?

But Wendy, you are saying to yourself, where is the irony that you mentioned 341 words ago?

Consider this.

We don’t currently and have never subscribed to cable.

Don’t you think it’s ironic that my claim to fame came to me in the form of a cable show wanting to showcase something that I created?


PS Fortunately our friends Jimmy and Nikki do have cable and they let us break into their house while they were on vacation and enjoy the show.  😉

PPS Looking for the final staircase reveal and cost summary? I have a couple of final touches to put on that post. Stop by again, soon. 🙂