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I hope you’re sitting down. This is going to be a post of pictures.

I am not 100% finished with the stairs, but I get so excited to see the Afters from other blogs, that I didn’t want to keep you in suspense any longer.

So without further delay…..

17 beautiful wooden steps. I love them, every single one of them.

What’s that? You want to see a side by side before and after? Your wish is my command.

Don’t you think that they now have a personality? I mean before they looked like, well….beige carpeted stairs. Now they have definition and depth and make a statement.

What? Now you want to see a before, a middle and an after? Twist my arm.

Say it again? You want to see some different angles and close ups? I would love to.

A wrap up post will be coming for those of you that want to know the details. Details such as cost, time, process and supplies.

Also, I bought a camera today. You might be saying to yourself, Wendy, you just posted 10 pictures you already have a camera not to mention that Spencer takes amazing photos for you.

Very true statements.

80% of the photos used on my blog are taken from my iPhone. The other 20% that I get compliments about everyday are from the monthly photo session Spencer and I schedule.

Spencer lives 45 minutes south of me and has many other clients besides myself. Although he would love to take all of my photos, it is not logical that he be here everyday, all day, incase I need a photo taken.  🙂

So today was the day that I purchased my very first camera. I bought a D7200 Nikon. At this point of my photography career, this means nothing to me.  ha.

I picked this camera because the box said “the choice of professionals worldwide”.

Kidding. Spencer and I had discussed the basics I should start with and then I got a couple of bells and whistles.

Some day I will write a post about some photography tips and tricks using all of the lingo.

Some day. 🙂

Until that day, I hope you notice a steady improvement of the quality of photos and maybe someday you won’t be able to tell if Spencer took the photo or if I did.