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Rearranging the furniture in our home has always been a point of contention in our marriage. Maybe contention is too strong of a word. This conversation might describe it better.

Wade comes home from work and walks into the family room.

Wade: Hmmmm…we needed to move the furniture around?

Me: We did.

The End

Fifteen years ago the conversation would’ve sounded like this.

Wade: You moved the furniture around again?

Me: I did.

Wade: I don’t like when the furniture is moved around and I don’t like when things are at an angle.

Me: (*&#$(*)#&%()#*&Q@&!!!! (and then I would change it back)

And I would boil about it for days.

Since then we have obviously both grown and developed some give and take in the furniture moving department of our lives.

And, I’ve learned a trick when putting new things or changes in the house.

But first let’s take a look at the new arrangement compared to the previous arrangement.

To me, the biggest difference is that the Christmas tree decorations have been removed. 🙂 And now the chair is at an angle and the second love seat is now on the right of the room on the staircase wall.  You can see the rolled arm of it in this picture.

So now that this huge change has settled down, it’s time to introduce one more little tweak.

New pillows.

Staying in the neutral world with a little bit of pop, I put together these fabrics.

Some metallic, some floral, some textured tweed, a buffalo check and some stripes. Four of the five fabric I already had in the shop.

Making a couple of different sizes and shapes, the pillows filled the space nicely without being too much.

Oh, and the little trick I mentioned when presenting change to Wade?

I do this.

He will completely skip the pillows and only see his favorite cookies and snacks. He will fill his tummy, fall in to a happy treat coma and forget all about another change.

🙂 ,



P.S. I have received so many wonderful comments about this post and meeting Max.  If anyone is interested in purchasing one or more of his beautiful pieces, please let me know. (

The wonderful people from the swap meet helped me locate Max. I hope to go to his workshop within the next couple of weeks. The prices that you see in the photo are the prices he is charging.  I can take care of the transaction and will only add shipping and handling to the cost. That will be an additional $7.50 when shipped within the US.