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When we last visited the stairs, they were in this arrangement.

Steve was scheduled to come over Monday afternoon, possibly Tuesday. Life got in the way and he was unable to be here. I didn’t think I could do any more after removing the carpet, removing the pad, staining the treads and painting the risers. I thought my skill set was maxed.

I tried, I really tried to be patient and wait for Steve. I designed and sewed six pillows for the livingroom, I filled a pillow order for a customer, I ate lunch, I did dishes and then I read a book.

Well, for anyone that knows me, I am not very good at being patient. There had to be something I could do on the staircase that would be productive. 🙂

So, I watched this YouTube video.

I collected my tools and got to work.

Following the suggestion of the YouTube video, I hammered the crowbar under the tread working from right to left and then popped the tread up.

There were nine nails per tread.  Three on the right, three in the middle and three on the left. PLUS, there was a thick strip of wood glue applied underneath where the nails were placed. Some of the treads were more resistant than others, but using the leverage of the crowbar, they came out easier than I thought they would.

Here was the yuck trapped inside the stairs. Shop Vac’d that up pretty fast.

I was having so much fun popping the treads that I had to slow down a bit. These steps lead to my studio and Jack’s bedroom. Logic trumped fun and every other tread was removed.

So here is where we are now.

And here is what progress look like.