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Hawaii…we have arrived!

Everyone warned us that this flight was going to be long. And they were right. We started out from the Minneapolis airport on a 9am flight which means we had a 5am start to the morning. After a quick layover in Salt Lake City, we were onto the final leg of the flight.

Now in full disclosure, I have zero room to complain about sitting on an airplane for half of a day.

You see my husband travels A. LOT. I miss him dearly every day that he is gone, but like everything in life there is a silver lining.

Wade collects frequent flyer points from all of his flights and we accumulate those points so that we can fly first class once a year on our vacation. I loved being spoiled. 😉

So the other day I asked him if he had any tips for travelers.

In no particular order he shared:

  • Don’t board the airplane hungry or thirsty. Your flight might be delayed after boarding.
  • Put a colorful luggage tag on your suitcase to differentiate it from all of the look alike bags.
  • Use a credit card that offers free travel miles with every purchase.
  • Have your boarding pass and ID ready by the time you reach the TSA agent
  • Once you are on the plane place your carry on in the overhead compartment and get out of the aisle.

He was so on point with all of these tips. Following those simple suggestions, we had a seamless trip.

Tomorrow brings so many adventures so I will keep this post short and sweet. I hope you can stop by!