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St. Patrick’s Day is such a fun holiday! I love seeing the many ways that all of you celebrated your day. Some of you have traditions you follow, some of you pinch others who do not wear green, some of you partake of green colored cocktails. 🙂

While Wade and I are still adjusting from the time difference from Hawaii to Minnesota, we were looking forward to spending a nice and relaxing evening with our neighbors for a homemade St. Patrick’s Day dinner.

But we were a little late for dinner.

The nurse from Jack’s school called me around 12:30 yesterday that Jack had hurt his shoulder in gym class. Jack is a senior and is a big and strong young man. My first thought was that he fell and hurt his shoulder playing dodgeball.

(Dodgeball, really? Does anyone even play dodgeball anymore?)

Regardless, I figured that a little ice and rest and he would be as good as new.

Well, not so fast. My Jack is a tough nut, but as soon as I saw his face, my motherly instincts kicked in and I knew that we needed to look a little deeper into his hurt.

Making a four hour drama short, Jack broke his collar bone. He was running an obstacle course in gym and one of the sections instructed the paritciptants to dive through a hoola hoop, landing on a thin mat that was behind the hoop covering the hard wood gym floor. He landed wrong, heard a pop, jumped up and told the teacher that he needed to go to the nurses’s office.

So after visiting two different doctors, we are heading to an orthopedic surgeon this morning.

I had a half completed project I wanted to finish and share, but, yeah, that will wait til Saturday now. 🙂

However, I do want re-share this post, A Rustic Egg Basket Liner.

IMG_1189 - Copy (2)


Originally I was selling JUST the liner of these baskets and my friend Rob was selling the baskets. But now…….

I have both the baskets with a liner for sale in my shop! I have seven baskets left and have decided to have a Belated St. Patrick’s Day Sale for only $35.00 for the basket and liner.

If you are interested you can start shopping here. All orders will ship the next day.

We did end up having a great dinner with our neighbors Jimmy and Nikki. And they sent leftovers home for Jack.

See you on Saturday,