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It’s Spring! Even better, it’s already the 3rd day of Spring! Each and every day will be a little warmer, a little sunnier and a little greener.

Spring makes me want to open up windows, clean out closets and throw out and donate stuff!

Spring also puts me in the mood to decorate and redecorate.

I am contacting a contractor tomorrow to hopefully start my stairs project.

Stairs are an awkward thing to photograph. These stairs are on the “backside” of the family room and lead to the other bedrooms in the house and my studio.

The carpet is in great shape, but there is no wow factor to what could be a magnificent staircase.

Here is an example of my vision.

Imagine the risers painted with a creamy white and the treads having a dark walnut stain. The runner on the stairs will be a neutral woven fabric or I will only have a stair tread only rug.  I am teetering back and forth between the two ideas.

So excited! I’ll keep you posted.

My other Spring obsession is wrought iron. More and more of it keeps popping up in my décor.

For example:

These wrought iron tractor seat island stools.

The kitchen cabinet pulls and knobs.

As you may have noticed, the spindles on the staircase are black painted metal.

And of course my all time makes me smile every time I look at it Metal Orb Chandelier.

Well, I am so excited to show you that I have added a few more metal orbs to my collection.

I am going to hang these in the bedroom, one on each side of the bed. There is a handy on off switch on the 8 foot cord. Perfect for turning the lights out after finishing a good book and falling asleep.

These would also look great hanging over the kitchen island but then that might be a little bit orb overkill in my house. And no one needs orb overkill.

Maybe I will sneak one into the corner of Wade’s office. It will be fun to see how long it takes him to notice it.

So many options and options are always good to have when decorating!

One of the last Spring things I am going to undertake is a garden. Well, not really a garden, but more like a few tomato plants and basil plants over in Nikki and Jimmy’s garden.  🙂 They are amazing gardeners.

I hope your Spring is off to a great start also. Any big projects coming up or garden plans started? I’d love to hear from you.

See you on Wednesday,


And by the way, if you are in love with the Metal Industrial Orb lighting as much as I am, you can grab a couple here from my shop.