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We are taught to share from an early age. And today I would like to share with you some things that have been happening at Old Lake George.

Did you all know that I have a “Contact” button with the blog? No? Well I do and it has been fixed. For whatever reason it was just a button. Now it is a button that actually works and you can contact Old Lake George with all of your comments, questions and concerns. Contact away!

Have you been to Costco to pick up your tulips? Look how beautiful mine are and how much they have grown.

For a girl who only has a green thumb when she holds on tight to too many green jelly beans, these tulips were right up my alley. I added water every other day. I feel so accomplished. ; )

Speaking of jelly beans, after you go get your tulips, swing by Target and in the dollar section, grab one of these.

For only $3, this ceramic glazed container is amazing! I grabbed the last white one but they had Easter pink, green or yellow ones too. The ideas are endless for how you can display this.  I did this.


I am so excited to announce that our daughter Samantha has been accepted into Graduate School at UND for their Occupational Therapist Program! Congratulations Sam. All of her hard work and dedication for the past four years has come to fruition.

And one more sharing sidenote.

This happened last night after watching fireworks on the beach in Hawaii.

Wade whispered some very romantic things in my ear and presented me with a box of chocolates. A box of chocolates that happened to have a pair of diamond earrings in them! This man is the greatest blessing, diamonds or no diamonds.

Thank you for letting me share.