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Home décor mistake. What was I thinking?

I bought this vase at an estate sale. I loved the shape, I loved the appealing texture and I loved that it was green.

Then I got it home.

Wait. What? I don’t love the green! It was kind of pea green meets sea foam green mishmash. Maybe that is why it was for sale on the last day of a three day estate sale, marked down 50% and still no one had bought it. Maybe I had a weak moment and felt bad for the vase. Maybe I just felt like I wanted to buy something because I needed to justify driving 45 minutes to an estate sale and coming home with nothing. MAYBE…..I made a mistake. A home décor mistake, I should’ve known better.

So the vase sat here and there and I tried to fall in love with it. It never found a home, in my home. When that happens it needs to go to someone else’s home.

However, the philosophy behind  items I create or purchase for resale is that I need to love them also. That isn’t to say that everything I love is what everyone else should love. But, I have found that sticking with this concept keeps a cohesive vibe in the shop.

Summarizing those last words of wisdom means that this vase needed to change.

As soon as I received the sample of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint named Typewriter, I knew it was meant for this home decor mistake vase makeover. This entire 30g sample package covers approximately 10 square feet, it is environmentally friendly and contains no VOC’s. (Volatile organic compounds are organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature)

Miss Mustard Seed milk paint comes in powder form and is easy to mix. Measure equal parts powder and water and stir. For darker paints such as Typewriter (black) let the mixture sit for about 10-15 minutes giving the pigments time to develop. I then used the Miss Mustard Seed paint brush – which I love – and applied 3 even coats letting them dry for about 30 minutes between each coat.

I took a chance and didn’t add a bonding agent to the powder/water mixture, nor did I lightly sand the vase before starting to paint. I wouldn’t suggest doing this but I like to bend the rules sometimes to see what would happen. 🙂

Now what started as a home décor mistake has become an elegant nod to home décor take me home delight. Don’t you love how the gold texture peeks through and the rumpled texture remained?

I left the inside of the vase as the original color. For whatever reason, the inside color didn’t translate to a not so wonderful color. It is a pleasant light spring green.

On Friday I will be sharing with you the newest items listed in the Old Lake George Shop. This typewriter black vase will be one of the new listings!

I hope to see you on Friday!



Happy Birthday to my best friend in the entire world. I love you Lizzy. Have a great day!