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It’s interesting living in Minnesota and being a blogger.

The blogs I love and follow, Thistlewood Farms, Miss Mustard Seed and Bower Power are all located  south of here where Spring arrives much earlier.

Realistically, most of the United States is located south of here. All that is left to the north is Canada.

Minor detail.

So many blogs are chatting about gardens, bright Spring colors and how they are decorating the outside deck and patio areas.

I won’t be able to go there for another 8-10 weeks. sigh.

So in the mean time and just in time for Valentines Day, I have rejuvenated this Spring bouquet of flowers that didn’t last very long.

This is the half mostly dead bouquet.

See the sad Lily in there? It has seen better days. 🙂

I grabbed a small ball mason jar and ring from the pantry and also used this metal grid my Mom gave me.

She finds and shares the coolest things. Sometimes I don’t even realize I need these things. Mother knows best. 🙂

I rescued the flowers that still had some life in them, cut them down and placed them in the mason jar.

It’s as if my true love Wade gave me a fresh flower arrangement!

Don’t have a metal grid? Check out this ingenious plan B.

Have a great Saturday and a Happy Valentines Day!

See you on Monday,