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Recently we cashed our reward check from Costco. You know that cash back you earn throughout the year from your purchases. It shouldn’t come as a surprise how quickly a 1-3% stacks up considering I never check out from Costco with a bill under $100. Tell me I am not alone on this.
Yes, I take a list. Yes, I only go down the isles that have those items. And Yes, I eat before shopping.

But than Costco puts these front and center as you walk in the door.


What can I do when they jump into my cart not even giving me a chance to justify to them that I didn’t NEED them and that they weren’t on the list.

Don’t they look amazing? Blooming tulips in February, in Minnesota. Be still my heart.

So just as Costco has a way of presenting me with cool things that I didn’t even realize I needed, I would like to take a minute and show you the new Old Lake George products!

The day we shot all of these new products created for Old Lake George’s Shop was a great day.

The reason? The day was spent with Spencer.

As I’ve said before, we usually spend the first hour or so catching up on our personal lives. The next hour we review what has happened on the business end of our companies, the third hour we set up and style photos. Typically after that we have some type of training, goal setting and homework for the coming month. Spencer is always teaching me something. Bless his patient heart.

In between all of that, there are always tons of laughs, questions, comments, concerns, patting ourselves on the back and finally bringing each other back to reality and getting to work.  🙂

This first vase comes from an estate sale. I shared its story here.

The second vase was also purchased from an estate sale. I consider this vase a rescue vase. The estate it came from was overflowing with high end home decor. But this elegant white honeycomb patterned vase got lost in the shuffle. So I rescued it and took it home. I hope it can now find a forever home.

Another vintage wood level rack came into my life last weekend. It was part of this weekend. The level received a good cleaning, a massage of hemp oil to rejuvenate the wood, and two rustic iron nails to complete the vision.

And now for the icing on the cake. These tallmedium and small candlestick pillars and their origin.

Thanks for looking through my front door of the shop with me.

See you on Friday,