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Milk Paint to Chalk Paint

by | Feb 10, 2016 | DIY | 1 comment

I am a visual learner. I sometimes have to read something two or three times before fully grasping it. But draw me a picture and I am good to go.

Maybe that is why I can look at something like these,

and turn them into something like these.

I knew when I saw these metal candlestick holders that they needed to come home with me. Here is the back story how that happened.

I could see that each one of them needed to be a different color. They would work together but still have the strength to stand alone.

After removing all of the paint, I spray painted one of the candlesticks with a Rustoleum Pure Gold. My intentions for the other three were to paint them with Miss Mustard Seeds milk paint. I ordered online 4 different sample sizes. I have worked with this brand of milk paint before and I knew that a sample size would be more than enough.

I forgot one little thing. I didn’t order the bonding agent which would allow the paint to hold onto the metal.

So what does a girl do when she forgets? She Googles.

Googling Miss Mustard Seed milk paint took me to the site where I found all of her product line. Plus, I could locate a store near me that also sold her products.

The location closest was called the Round Barn. Sadly, I knew that the Round Barn closed last summer. 🙁

But I drove by anyway because it was on my way home and I wanted to see what had taken its place.

There was a new Round Barn! Not an actual new Round Barn Structure, but a shop now called The Round Barn Trading Company. How did I miss the re-opening way back in November? No matter, I was here now.

I zipped into the parking lot. It was 14 degrees outside so I grabbed the closest spot to the door and ran inside. I literally ran. It was…. 14 degrees outside. 🙂 After looking around for the Miss Mustard Seed line and not finding it, I asked the nice person at the counter where it was located.

She did not think they carried that line of paint, BUT as soon as Julie was finished with a customer she would answer all of my questions.

Okay, that gives me more time to look around. Bonus. Such a great boutique.

And what I found instead was the Country Chic chalk paint line. But still no bonding agent. ugh.

Then Julie turned my frown upside down.

Julie, the owner of The Round Barn Trading Company explained to me that The Country Chic line had recently released a new product that is an all-in-one décor paint. It is a clay based mixture that has great adhesion and a durable finish. And so many color options!

I was sold.

I bought three small project size jars and a new brush.

Cobblestone, Pebble Beach and Cheesecake. Otherwise known as gray, light gray and off-white.

The candlesticks themselves are not very big but if I had to guess I would say I used about 3-4 tablespoons on each of them which allowed for great coverage. That being said, I do like how you can see the actual brush strokes on the candlesticks, but I did give the Cheesecake candlestick a second coat only because I didn’t stir it enough before starting to paint. 🙂

Note to self: Stir paint, just don’t shake it three times because you are excited to get started on a project.

I already have something else that I want to paint with the chalk paint. I love the flat finish look.

I think I am going to put the candlesticks for sale in my shop. I say “I think” because I am practicing patience and letting them dry over night. I’ll let you know when they are listed. 🙂

I am working on a HUGE pillow cover order this week. So if you get a chance to stop by on Friday, you can catch a glimpse how that is progressing.

Hope to see you Friday,