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There is something you need to know about me.


I can be kind of a a total control freak. 🙂

A nice control freak.

I haven’t really decided if this is a bad character flaw. I mean, no one gets hurt, I am not vindictive or mean and I can back down and let others take over, some times.

My point in sharing is that one of my original intentions when I started blogging was to gain a following of people who like the same things I like.  Another reason for starting this blog was to one day open a shop and sell one of a kind things, things that I create or things that I enjoy and hope others enjoy too.

Etsy has offered a great platform for me to get my feet wet in owning my own shop. And, I will continue to sell on Etsy and encourage others to sell with Etsy also.

However, there are fees and rules out of my control that have to be followed with Etsy and I want to branch out from there.

Sooooooo………drum roll please………

I have opened a shop on my blog!!! And it is going to be life changing! And I get to control all of it! 🙂

Some items will be the same as what I have listed in my Etsy store BUT, in my shop, the prices will lower!

Right now, as of this moment, I only have 2 items listed. I am calling it a Soft Open.  🙂

This is how I see my shop working.

I am going to list something new and different everyday. Some things will be one of a kind and when they are gone, they are gone. 🙁  There will be listings of multiples and even customizing will be an option. You will find a variety of items but they will always center around home décor.

Let me show you how easy it will be to shop.

You are already here. Click on MENU

Click on SHOP


Fill your cart! You can use credit cards and even PayPal to complete your transactions.

I will be back to my regular scheduled blogging program on Wednesday.

Thanks for letting me share my enthusiasm!