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There are so many memorable moments when raising children.

The first time your baby sleeps through the night, which, let’s be honest is anything over 4 hours at a stretch, the first time they roll over, the first tooth, the first day of school and on and on and on.

Wade and I are in the stages of child rearing that we are looking at lasts.

The last time we have a high school graduation, the last time we pay for our children’s car insurance, the last time we have a HUGE monthly grocery bill and on and on and on.

Where the lasts are not nearly as exciting as the firsts, they are still a part of life and mark a passage of time.

Samantha had her wisdom teeth removed about 4 years ago and it was a hoot watching her wake up from the anesthesia.

When she woke up, her first question was, Am I done?

Yes, Samantha, your wisdom teeth are out, you are done.

She slowly closed her eyes and laid her head back down.

Within a minute, a little crinkle would develop between her brows, her eyes would pop open and she would say, Seriously?

Yes, Samantha your wisdom teeth are out, you are done.

Around and around we went with that conversation until she became a little more coherent. And by a little, I mean she asked me one more time after we were in the car and we were leaving the dentist office parking lot.

I didn’t answer. 🙂

Now it was Jack’s turn. The second child, the last time we pay for wisdom teeth surgery. 🙂

The surgery went well. When they brought me back to the little recovery room he was sleeping flat on his back with his arm sticking out from under the covers. I patted his arm to get him to open his eyes.

He looked at me, the white tile drop ceiling and the beige walls and his first comment was, Well, they could’ve decorated more pleasant.

When I hear something that I find really funny, I tend to burst out into a not quite appropriate loud laugh. This was a loud laugh moment.

This comment from our 6’1″ 220 lb. motorcycle loving, dirt under his fingernails, camo wearing 17 year-old. He was very chatty as he was coming out of the anesthesia. Then we got to the car and he passed out.

Samantha is like her Dad. They both like to make sure they have all of the information correct before moving forward.

Jack? Two words. Apple/Tree.

Have a great weekend. I hope you can stop by on Monday.